Windows – Installation from Harddrive

Hello everyone. Today I found a method to install Windows directly from a hard drive.

To do so you need to do the following:

  • Get a hard drive you want to install into your machine (I chose a 64GB SSD)
  • Format it and choose NTFS as file system


After you prepared your hard drive you need to copy the following folders and files from your Setup Medium to your hard drive:

  • boot
  • sources
  • bootmgr


Now run cmd as Administrator and run the following commands to make your hard drive bootable:

list disk
select disk x
list partition
select partition x
X:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt60 X:

Replace x and X with the values of your hard drive.


That´s it. Your preparations are done. Now insert the hard drive into your machine and make sure to boot from hard drive.

Install Windows as you would do normally but do not format your hard drive, otherwise all setup files would get lost and the setup will not finish successfully.

After Windows has been installed successfully, run cmd as Administrator and run the following command:



This will open a window like the one in the screenshot above. Now choose the Boot tab and select Windows Setup (\windows) and delete it. This will remove the Windows Setup option from the Boot Manager window when you boot your machine.


The last step is to remove the setup files. To do so, delete the sources folder from the C partition of the machine.

That´s it. You successfully installed Windows without using any CDs/DVDs or USB Sticks or additional software. For more information have a look at the sources.



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