Windows Server – Setup Mail Server for Development environment

Hi everyone. Today I want to show you how you can set up a simple Mail Server for your development environments.

To set up a simple Mail Server you need to do the following:

  • Setup Windows Server 2008R2 and give it a name you can easily remember (I chose as name for my server)
  • Download Visendo SMTP Extender from here.

Installation of SMTP Server feature

Install the Windows Feature SMTP Server.


Now open IIS 6 Manager.


Now select [SMTP Virtual Server #1] and click on Properties.

Now go to the Access tab and click on Relay…

Now make sure to enable the setting All except the list below and make sure to check the checkbox at the end of the window and click OK.


Now go to the Delivery tab and click on Advanced…

The name of your server (the name of mine is will be entered in the Fully-qualified domain name text box. If not make sure to enter it and click on OK.


Now open up Services and make sure the Startup Type of the service Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is set to Automatic.


Installation of Visendo SMTP Extender

The Installation is pretty simple. Simply download the Installer mentioned above and run the Setup Wizard.

After the installation has finished open up the Visendo Configuration Wizard.


Now create a new account.


After you have created your accounts go to Settings and click on Start.


Now go to Services and make sure that the Startup type of the service Visendo SMTP Extender is set to Automatic.


Configuration of Windows Firewall

To make sure that your Mail Server will work as expected you need to allow POP3.

Create a new Inbound Rule in Advanced Settings of Windows Firewall.

Choose Port and click on Next.


Now choose TCP and enter 110 in the Specific local ports text box.


Now choose Allow the connections.


In the last step I checked Domain, Private and Public.


Client Setup

On your client machine start Microsoft Outlook.


Now choose Yes and click on Next.


Now choose Internet E-mail and click on Next.


Now choose Manually configure server settings or additional server types and click on Next.


Now enter your account information like shown in the below screenshot and click on Next.


Now Microsoft Outlook will check if it is able to connect to your Mail Server and send an test E-mail.


If all tests are successful your configuration is finished and you are ready to go.


That´s it. Your Mail server and your client are now ready to use.



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