SharePoint – PeopleZen This months birthdays

Hello everyone. Today I´m going to show you how you can create a Webpart page showing this months birthdays by using 2 SharePoint 3rd party products called FilterZen and PeopleZen.

But First: I want to thank all of you for your kind words and comments.  They made me really happy. Thank you 🙂 I´ll try to answer all of them soon.

Okay. Let´s get down to business.

The first thing you need to do is to download the following products:

Important: You will also need to setup the User Profile Service and import some profiles to test you configuration.

Simply run the Setup Wizard of the products as Administrator on your SharePoint server and deploy the solutions and you are ready to go.

Now go to your SharePoint site.


Go to Site Collection features and activate the following features:

  • [Roxority] FilterZen Filter Web Part
  • [Roxority] PeopleZen Web Part


Now go back to your SharePoint Site and add the following Web Parts:

  • [Roxority] FilterZen Web Part
  • [Roxority] PeopleZen Web Part


Next Edit the PeopleZen Webpart and choose Connections -> Get Filters From -> <Your FilterZen Web Part>.


Next the following dialogue will open:


Choose Send Filter Values To as Connection Type and click on Finish.


Next Edit the PeopleZen Web Part and go to User Profile Properties. And now choose Birthday in the dropdown list below Add known field:


Now check the following checkboxes:

  • Ignore year when filtering by date range fields (such as hire date or birthday) for annually recurring dates
  • Ignore day when filtering by date range fields (such as hire date or birthday) for “any date in month X” 


The next step is to edit the FilterZen Web Part and choose CAML Direct filtering mode as Filter Mode.


Next add a new Date Filter.


Now enter SPS-Birthday as value for the Column / filter name textbox. And enter today as value for the default date filter value(s) textbox.


Now go to Advanced Filter Properties and make sure that the value for filter operator is set to equals.

To finish your settings click on Apply and OK.


That´s it. Your finished Web Parts will now display all user profiles of users whose birthday is this month. I hope you liked my post. See you next time.



One thought on “SharePoint – PeopleZen This months birthdays

  1. ozgur says:

    hello, this is very useful article. One question is can we send email on birthdays ? Thanks.

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