Raspberry Pi 2 – Windows 10 IOT Installation

Hello everyone, today I came across a great post on reddit which explains how to install Windows 10 IOT on your Raspberry Pi 2 in the most simple way I have seen so far. And I will show you how you can install the current Windows 10 IOT Build so you can lay your hands on this new topic as soon as possible 🙂

To download the new Windows 10 IOT you first need a Microsoft Account. Then click on this link to sign up on Microsoft Connect.

After you have successfully signed up for Microsoft Connect download the file “Windows_IoT_Core_RPI2_BUILD.zip“.

Now if you don´t have the Windows 10 Insider Preview Operating System installed on your computer or on a virtual machine, don´t worry: You don´t need it. The only thing yo need is a 7zip file called “DISM10074.7z” which you can download from here. (You can find the original post where this file comes from in this reddit thread here.)

Important: Don´t forget to unblock the “DISM10074.7z” file before you unzip it.


Next unzip the above zip files. In “Windows_IoT_Core_RPI2_BUILD” you will find the file “Flash.ffu“. Place this file into the “DISM10074” directory you extracted from the second zip file.


Next run PowerShell as Administrator and use the command “cd” to change into your “DISM10074” directory.

Now insert your Micro SD Card (at least 8GB) and start diskpart with the below command.


Now find out the Disk number of your Micro SD card by using the below command:

list disk

Write down the Disk number of your Micro SD Card and exit diskpart.


Now for the last step. Run the below command to write the Windows 10 IOT image to your Micro SD card:

Important: Replace the X of PhysicalDriveX with the number of your Disk before you run the below command.

.\dism.exe /Apply-Image /ImageFile:flash.ffu /ApplyDrive:\\.\PhysicalDriveX /SkipPlatformCheck

Wait for the command to complete. If it says “The operation completed successfully” everything went as expected.

Now you can close the PowerShell window and safely remove your Micro SD card and you are ready to use Windows 10 IOT.

Insert your Micro SD card into your Raspberry Pi 2 and plug in all necessary cables. Please keep in mind that the first boot will take some time so please be patient and don´t turn off your Raspberry Pi 2.

Well, that´s it. You can now start to explore Windows 10 IOT. Have fun!

I hope my post was interesting for you and I hope to see you again next time 🙂







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