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Windows 10 – Create new Local User Account

Hello everyone,

welcome to my first post of the year 2016. I hope you had a happy Christmas and a happy new years eve 🙂

Today I´m going to show you how you can simply create a new local user account in Windows 10 if you need one. You may ask yourself why I am writing a post about something as simple as that but let me tell you: Microsoft changed the way to create local users in Windows 10 and therefore this task is not as simple as it was in Windows 7 anymore.

Posts like this one from How-To Geek explain pretty good how creating users works now in Windows 10. In my opinion this is too much hassle for a simple requirement like this. Please Microsoft implement something like a simple “Add Button” for local user accounts.

Ok. Although the process of creating a new local user account got more difficult on the GUI than it used to be you will be happy to hear that it still takes only seconds on the command line. Here is what you need to do to create a new local user:

Run cmd as Administrator.

net user <Username> <Password> /add

Well, that´s it. You have successfully created a new local user account 🙂

Deleting a user account is just as simple:

net user <Username> /del

As you can see the good old command line is always there to help 🙂

I hope my post was useful for you and I hope to see you again next time 🙂


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Export and Import WLAN Profiles

Hello everyone, today I want to show you how you can transfer your WLAN Profile data to another computer. Here is the story behind this post: A few days ago my brother bought a new laptop and asked my if I know a comfortable way to teach his new laptop all necessary information it needed to automatically connect to his WLAN networks like his old laptop did since he did not want to connect to all needed WLAN networks again and enter all the passwords again. So, he basically asked me to configure his new laptop so that it would automatically connect to his WLAN networks at home, at his friends or at work like his old one did. Well, thanks to Google and some great posts mentioned in the Sources below I was able to do this and I will show you how you can do it.

Ok. Let´s begin 🙂

The first thing you need to do is to run cmd as Administrator.

Next run the following command to get a list of all WLAN network profiles saved on your computer:

netsh wlan show profiles

Next run the following command to export a specific WLAN network profile:

netsh wlan export profile "YourSSID" key=clear folder="C:\Users\You\Desktop"

The above command will create an XML file like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<WLANProfile xmlns="">

Now transfer the above file to the computer (I´ll call it computer B) where you want to import the WLAN profile data.

Now run cmd as Administrator on computer B.

To import the WLAN profile run the following command: (The command will import the data for all users. If you want only your current user to get the data replace “user=all” with “user=current”)

netsh wlan add profile filename="C:\Users\You\Desktop\Wi-Fi-YourSSID.xml" user=all

Well, that´s it. Computer B has now all the necessary information about the WLAN network to connect to it.

I hope you liked my today´s post and I hope to see you again next time 🙂


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