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Boost your Wifi range with a DIY Cantenna

Hello everyone, today I want to show you how you can build yourself a Cantenna to boost the Wifi range of your computer.

Here are the things you will need:

  • A can
  • A N-Female chassis mount connector
  • A “pigtail” cable
  • A piece of thick wire you need to solder onto your N-Female chassis mount connector with a soldering iron
  • A wireless LAN adapter (Important: You will need one with an detachable antenna)
  • A piece of sandpaper (optional)

After you have gathered all materials you need you can start building your Cantenna.

Here is a picture of the can I used for my Cantenna:


The can I used has a diameter of 85mm and is about 18cm tall making it the perfect material for my Cantenna.

To calculate the necessary dimensions of your Cantenna you can use this online calculator here.

Here is a screenshot of the necessary dimensions for my can:


So for example:

My can has a diameter of 85mm and is 180mm tall so I need to do the following:

  • I need to cut off the top of my can and I need to make sure that my can is still taller than 174.18mm afterwards
  • I need to drill a hole about 58.06mm above the bottom of my can for my N-Female chassis mount connector
  • I need to solder a piece of thick wire onto the pin of my N-Female chassis mount connector which is about 30.6mm in length

Here you can see a screenshot how I placed my N-Female chassis mount connector on my can:


Here is how I did this:

  • First I used some sandpaper to get of some of the cans paint
  • Next I drilled a hole about 58.06mm above the bottom of the can
  • Next I soldered the piece of thick wire with a length of about 30.6mm length onto the N-Female chassis mount connector
  • Then I drilled some more holes to mount my N-Female chassis mount connector onto the can

And here you can see the piece of thick wire inside my can pointing towards its center:


Now attach your “pigtail” cable to your N-Female chassis mount connector.

The cable should look like this:


Then attach your wireless LAN adapter to the other end of your “pigtail” cable.

I used this one here: (I bought this one here.)


And here is the finished Cantenna:


As you can see I added a plastic lid (don´t use one made out of metal!) to the top and painted it gray. You don´t need to do that. I just thought this would look better.

Well, that´s it. You now have a Cantenna which will allow you to connect to your Wireless networks from bigger distances. I hope you liked my post and I hope to see you again next time 🙂